Kellogg's Joins Nourishing Neighbors

See How Kellogg is Supporting Nourishing Neighbors

  • Pab

    I live in Bell, FL 32619, and have gone to High Springs, FL food distribution 15 minute drive away. My experience is 2hour wait, lost 2 gallons of gas, for a 2 day food supply? Thank you, anyway High Springs since Bell does not care for American citizens! And Thank you for your Arapaho TV commercial, but here this does not exist, people only care about themselves and their immediate families, and the portions are FOR hunger instead of defeating hunger in Bell, FL 32619. BELL CONTACT 352-463-3178, please contact them since they receive plenty of State of Florida funding(from taxes) and Funding from the Federal Government too. Why this is not a priority by Local, City, County and State funding. When going to High Springs, FL the line is 2 miles long, every month, a sad site of how American citizens are treated in 2023. Kind Regards, Pab 352-949-3283